Having used Pendle Hill Properties on a number of occasions, to both buy, sell and rent, as has our daughter, we decided to use them again to sell our latest property.

We ultimately decided to use them again due to our previous good experience, as well as their good knowledge of the local area, and their professional and straight forward service.

Dealing with various people in the team including Andrew, Joe, Toby and Sophia, our experience has been very good.

They provide good timely communication and accurate information, and deadlines are always met, while it was great to have the reassuring knowledge that the job would get done effectively.

Pendle Hill Properties take the stress out of what can be a very stressful situation, they are calm and professional, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again (give it a couple of years though!).

Angela Brown

I sold my property through Pendle Hill Properties after initially hearing about them through a comparison website which automatically sent our details to agents in the area.

We ultimately decided to go with them because we had a better experience with Pendle Hill Properties on the first contact, compared to other estate agents. Tom was great. He was reassuring and confident about securing the sale of our house from the outset.

Primarily dealing with Tom, the team were very active and responsive, and we got feedback quickly after each viewing.

We had regular discussions about online interest and how that could be interpreted which was helpful in determining how we marketed our property. The team gave us helpful advice based on their knowledge and experience of the market in order to secure a timely sale.

After our sale, Andrew remained active in communications with all parties on our behalf to ensure the process moved forward. They really do work actively for you from beginning to end.

We would absolutely recommend Pendle Hill Properties if you are looking to sell your property. The active and regular contact is brilliant. We never felt we were alone in the selling process.

Susan Wrathall

I sold my property through Pendle Hill Properties after hearing about them via family who work at Forbes Solicitors.

Not only were they very straight-talking about what service they could offer, but their brochure and pictures made the property look so prestigious.

Mainly dealing with Andrew, the experience was first class and I had no issues at all with the service.

Pendle Hill Properties delivered on their promise of finding the buyers to view the property that were in a position to buy, not time wasters.

I would absolutely recommend them to anyone thinking of selling their property. Having used a few estate agents over the last 18 months, they stood heads above for the service and for finding the buyers.

Eilish Rimmer

Having purchased the same home we were looking to sell, through Pendle Hill Properties, as well as them being based in our village, we were well aware of what they could offer when looking for an estate agent this time around.

With their good local market knowledge, their popularity within the village, their good reputation and their good social media content, we were keen to sell our property with Pendle Hill Properties.

I primarily dealt with Joe, Andrew and Tom, who were all really pleasant and all worked hard, providing good weekly communication, as well as sharing data.

I had the confidence they would sell the property and also that they would have knowledge of properties coming up that would be of interest to me. They were fair and managed expectations well and kept us well informed of the process.

I would definitely recommend Pendle Hill Properties. You will be in good hands with Pendle Hill Properties and they will get the job done. Pricing is fair and realistic and they explain why, so that your expectations are managed. I had and have lots of confidence in their ability.

Scott Chapman

We found out about Pendle Hill Properties because we went to view a property that they were selling. Joe, the agent, was so professional and dedicated to selling it, that I wanted him to put ours on the market when we were selling.

Joe sold our house within two days for an unbelievable over the price cost, before Andrew took over the next stage of the process. Andrew kept us informed every week and told us everything we needed to know. He was an excellent agent, who kept us all well informed throughout.

We were so impressed with Pendle Hill Properties that we would definitely recommend them to anyone needing to sell their home.

Thank you again everyone for helping us achieve our dream.

Tina and Tom Maher

I first decided to contact Pendle Hill Properties to sell my house as my friends had bought and sold with them and recommended their services, while their advertising of properties seemed the best around.

I ultimately decided to use them because Andrew was honest and came to me with a fair price, as well as making the process hassle free. Andrew and his team were quick to value my property and I felt they would market it correctly.

My experience with the team was really good including Andrew, Toby, Joe and Sophia, while the photographer was very professional and respectful of the property.

The team were very welcoming when I went into the shop (especially Joe!), they managed the viewings and I trusted them to lock up the property after viewings. They worked hard in a difficult time in the market to achieve the price I wanted.

The best part about working with Pendle Hill Properties was that it was quick and easy to get the property to market, and the social media presence was great!

They also worked well with my solicitor and pushed through the sale as quickly as possible.

To anyone thinking of using them to sell their property… they are honest, advise on a fair price and don’t mess about with the negotiations. I would absolutely recommend them!

James Blackburn

I had a fantastic experience selling my property with Pendle Hill Properties. As I am local to Read I wanted to keep it local and working with Thomas and Andrew, they sold my property within a matter of days. I would highly recommend Pendle Hill Properties to anyone thinking of selling their property!

Tracey Gunson

My experience with Pendle Hill Properties was excellent. The team achieved a sale for me and kept me well informed throughout the process. The best thing about working with Pendle Hill Properties was that they seemed to get things done and make things happen. They chase people and don’t let things go cold, while they also kept me updated regularly with short messages and updates.

Paul Dignan

We chose to sell our property through Pendle Hill Properties because they were local to us. Throughout the sale I mainly dealt with Toby and Andrew and found them both very helpful. I would highly recommend Pendle Hill Properties, and the thing that made them shine out as fantastic was the fact they answered my questions out of hours too. If anyone was deciding whether to use them I would say definitely – they were professional, I found them caring, they checked out our buyer, kept us updated and got the house sold.

Diane Griffiths

Very professional, family feel company, who just know exactly what points to tell you and you just feel comfortable when talking to them and feel confident that they are doing the job right.

Katherine Kay