How easy is it to manage multiple rental properties in your portfolio?

Managing multiple properties can be a challenging task for landlords.

However, with proper organisation, streamlined processes, and effective communication, it is possible to ease the burden and keep things running smoothly.

  1. Begin by identifying your goals and objectives for managing multiple properties. Is your primary focus rental income generation, property appreciation, or adding to your portfolio? Having a clear vision will guide your decision-making process, and help you prioritise.
  2. Develop a centralised system to streamline your property management tasks. Using technology-based platforms such as property management software will allow you to efficiently track income, expenses, tenant details, and maintenance requests. The more properties and tenants you have, the more information you will need to manage.
  3. Ensuring quality tenants is crucial when managing multiple properties, to give you the best chance of a stress free portfolio. Implement a rigorous screening process that includes background checks, verifying employment and income, checking rental history, and obtaining references. Being thorough will minimise the risk of potential issues such as unpaid rent, damages, or other future headaches.
  4. With multiple properties in your portfolio, you’re unlikely to be able to do everything on your own. Delegate routine tasks such as regular property inspections, minor repairs, and property maintenance to reliable professionals. Otherwise, you’ve potentially got a large workload just on maintenance!
  5. Maintaining great communication with tenants is essential for successfully managing multiple properties – and protecting your valuable investments. Promptly respond to any concerns, inquiries, and maintenance or repair requests to keep a positive landlord-tenant relationship – and to be sure your property is kept in the best condition. Effective communication ensures tenant satisfaction, reduces turnover rates, and helps identify and address potential issues promptly.

If this sounds like more of a time investment than you have capacity for, Pendle Hill Properties are ideally placed to help you. Toby Burrows, our Lettings Director will be happy to talk you through all the levels and ways in which we can help you manage your portfolio.

In our last 6 monthly inspection, 100% of our portfolio passed with no major issues – we find great tenants.

Fully Managed Service – just receive your payments

  • Advertising on Rightmove, our website, social media and local press with high quality photography
  • To Let board erected – outside the property
  • Employment references checks
  • Credit checks
  • Previous landlord checks (if applicable)
  • Inventory and schedule of condition carried out including photos
  • Tenancy agreement arranged
  • Monthly rental collection
  • Deposit collection and transfer to Deposit Protection Scheme holding account
  • Regular inspection with written reports
  • Management of all maintenance issues
  • Monthly invoices
  • Issue notice to tenants if and when required
  • Final inspection upon vacation and return of deposit

Property Maintenance

We use an online system called FixFlo – we never miss a job and can provide regular updates.

On our books include:

  • Removal company
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Decorator
  • Handyman
  • Appliance repair

We can also help with drains / carpets / rubbish removal / damp / glazing / locksmith / plastering / gardening

We deal with all enquiries with a 24/7 helpline, and deal with any issues promptly.

Management Systems

We use:


Automated lettings software to ensure compliance with regulations, including referencing, inventory solutions, compliance checks.


A leading payment platform, automating rental payment admin.


Repairs and maintenance management software, ensuring no job is missed and regular updates can be provided. Tenants can log onto our online portal.

If you’d rather handle all that yourself, we can just find you a tenant –

Tenant Finder Service

Advertising on Rightmove, our website, social media and local press with high quality photography

  • Credit checks
  • Employment references checks
  • Previous landlord checks (if applicable)
  • Signed tenancy agreements

We will then hand over to yourself, providing you with all the required information on your tenant.

Don’t let managing a property portfolio become a headache. Contact Toby on 01282 772048 and let us save you time and workload.