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We are always happy to hear what our customers have to say and thought that we would share some customer comments with you.


I have known about Andrew since he started his business, Pendle Hill Properties in Sabden - this is the second time I have used his services. My property sold very quickly. Although I realise that the seller’s market is great just now, I know that Andrew’s experience had a part in my sale success, as he is very knowledgeable about the local market. His experience means that he set a realistic price, resulting in genuine offers - and I was very satisfied with the price achieved.

Pendle Hill Properties have buyers on their books, and I feel that the team is able to successfully match those buyers with their sellers. Thanks PHP team, see you next time!

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Suzan Wood


"I'd say go with it, don't hesitate, just go with them, because they're very efficient and on the ball with whatever they did for us," - Dianne Briggs

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Dianne Briggs


We decided to use Pendle Hill Properties to sell our property for a number of reasons. Their fee was well priced and they also had excellent communication with us, which was really important due to us living in Australia, while my Mother and Father-in-law had also actually used Pendle Hill Properties to sell their home.

My experience working with them was fantastic. They listened to all my queries and worked with me to ensure that I was happy with the photography and write up about the property.

The communication really was outstanding and they were always available to answer any of my questions, which was so useful for me. I was also kept fully informed about the large number of viewings that were booked in and provided feedback to us following each one.

They also helped me to find a great solicitor and not only that, but they kept me regularly informed of updates from the potential owners’ solicitor too. 

Living in Australia it was important that I felt I was informed and Pendle Hill Properties did this completely. They made selling my home as easy as they could possibly make it.

They got me the price I wanted for my property and I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of selling their property. 

Well done guys/gals at Pendle Hill Properties, I am very grateful for all your hard work! 

Lynsey & Jon King

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Testimonial – Lynsey & Jon King


Recently we caught up with Matthew, who chose us to sell his lovely property on Boulsworth Crescent, in Nelson.

His property was beautifully decorated, with modern, tasteful décor, and high quality fixtures and fittings. It was a pleasure to sell it for him, and we wish him well in the move.

He said about his experience with us, “I was aware of Pendle Hill Properties due to a property on my street being advertised with them, and a flyer being posted through my door after it sold. I also drive past their office quite a lot for work!

I decided to sell with them following the first valuation meeting, as I was impressed with Tom's professionalism and detailed analysis of how the whole team would be working hard to make the whole process as smooth as possible. The fact they were a small close knit team compared to some of the other larger estate agents in the area with multiple branches, gave a sense of reassurance that I would be valued and given plenty of support. 

My experience of Pendle Hill Properties was a very positive one, and reinforced the fact that I had made the right decision in choosing them to sell my property.  

The best part of the process of working with Pendle Hill Properties was their accessibility and availability. They were always available to answer any questions or queries, and their speed of response was excellent.

I would recommend Pendle Hill Properties highly, and anyone thinking of using them will not regret it!”

Many thanks Matthew!  

We’re a family run firm, at the heart of the community, and we’re friendly, open and honest. To book a valuation, just get in touch on 01282 772048 – or you can get an instant valuation online! https://pendle-hill-properties.lead.pro

Testimonial - Matthew Pickering


"I heard of them through a friend, who recommended them to me as I was having trouble with selling my property through previous estate agents.

I'd just heard a lot of good things, they were very hands on with your account, kept everybody up to date on what the process was and ultimately had very good conversion rates"

- Roy Bright

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Testimonial - Roy Bright


I chose to sell my property in Gisburn with Pendle Hill Properties after seeing their boards outside other properties in the area.

The thing that stood out for me and which ultimately made my decision to work with Pendle Hill Properties was there very professional, yet personal approach. 

Unfortunately at the time I was considering putting my property on the market I broke my wrist – I became a slightly reluctant seller, as everything just seemed too much. But Pendle Hill Properties allowed me to set the pace – occasionally nudging me to move things along but never putting me under any pressure. 

When the house was sold, the team and especially Andrew, were incredibly supportive at every stage and I really valued the weekly check in.

Even better… Pendle Hill Properties sold my property on the first day it went on the market!

I had a fantastic experience with them and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to sell their property.

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Testimonial – Karen Bailey


Here at Pendle Hill Properties we are delighted to work on some fantastic projects with our customers, one of which saw us instructed by Graham Effemey to sell three beautiful cottages following a wonderful barn conversion.

We recently caught up with Graham to talk about the process…

“For the best part of 30 years, we have bought unmortgageable wrecks, done them up and then the profit we leave in, we do a buy-to-let, put in tenants and move on, which has left us with a  reasonable portfolio of rental properties.

For this particular project… I was looking at retiring, we have got two grandchildren in the East Midlands, and we saw this barn conversion come up with planning permission, it hadn’t sold, so we made an offer which was accepted. The idea was to convert the barn into three cottages, which we called Bluebell, Primrose and Snowdrop. 

Not soon after we started on the project, COVID-19 started and it was difficult on occasions in the first lockdown to get materials and skilled tradespeople. 

We actually moved into the area while the project was underway, living in Roughlee. It is a very nice area of outstanding natural beauty and you really need someone who knows the area to understand it and to do the correct marketing, so via word of mouth we chose Pendle Hill Properties.

Andrew Turner is very pro-active and when we made enquiries, he said “right let’s meet up on site” and he was very enthusiastic, very hands on, his team are very helpful and it was all a really good experience.

We worked with the whole team at Pendle Hill Properties – Andrew, rightly so, is very proud of his business and there’s not a lot that goes on without him knowing. Andrew is very hands on, which is a great benefit.

When you know that the owner and the Managing Director is very interested in what goes on, not just sitting back and letting the others do the work, it’s brilliant. He’s a very personable guy, very approachable and we would have no hesitation about working with Pendle Hill Properties again.

There is one situation which particularly stands out. We had planning sign off and then on the first sale, the buyer’s solicitor said because the gardens were previously pasture land, ‘do they need change of use from agriculture to domestic dwelling?’ 

We eventually had to go through a change of use, I asked Andrew if he knew anyone and immediately he put us in contact with someone which was absolutely brilliant. Andrew was on first name terms with everyone at Pendle Borough Council planning department and it went through straight away.

In property development, cutting corners is sometimes a false economy, and if you want the job done, get the professional to do it. 

Pendle Hill Properties also manage lettings, they have good contacts with local tradespeople which was a godsend – when you want someone quick, it’s fantastic to have someone with good local contacts.

All the cottages have now sold, we are very happy with the outcome, and we do believe that the new owners are happy with their new homes. 

To anyone thinking of selling their house with Pendle Hill Properties, they are the local experts. There are a couple of other firms based in Barrowford but the fact that they call themselves Pendle Hill Properties was a big pull for us. They are the specialists in that area and I would recommend them to anyone.”

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Graham Effemey

Check out this fantastic testimonial from one of our lovely customers Anne! ????????

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???? 01282 772048
???? info@pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Anne Liggins


I have recently completed the sale of my property with Pendle Hill Properties and I cannot rate them highly enough.

They are a local family company, which really appealed to me and it certainly comes across in everything they do. You absolutely feel the personal aspect and that you are a client, rather than just another house sale.

The team at Pendle Hill Properties have always been extremely polite and friendly, but professional too – they feel like real people who you can talk openly with. I didn’t want schmoozing from a national company, that was just giving me a sales patter and this is the exact opposite of what Pendle Hill Properties are like – they are a local company, doing a really good job.

Throughout the process they were always contactable, professional and did what they said they would do. I never had any doubt that they had my best interests and my needs at the forefront of their mind, which was really important to me because it is the first time I have sold a property and did not know what to expect.

They were really supportive and just took all the stress out of selling my house.

I would absolutely recommend anyone to use Pendle Hill Properties and in fact, we have just listed my mum’s property with them. All in all, a great job by great people. I would 100% recommend them.

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Pendle Hill Properties Testimonial – Abi Levison


Thank You, Gerry, for this lovely 5 star video testimonial:

"They were a lot sharper and a lot quicker getting stuck in and wanting the business...I would recommend them" - Gerry McGee

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Gerry McGee


We first heard about Pendle Hill Properties through a friend. They’d had their house valued by them six months ago and when we started thinking about putting our old house up for sale, they said try Pendle Hill Properties, we found them really good, hence why we went to them and they gave us a valuation.

We got three valuations, we took a bit of advice, they all came in at similar, Pendle Hill Properties came in a little bit higher than what the other two companies had offered, but if I’m being honest I was about worried about what the others had given us.

So I rang Pendle Hill Properties and I discussed the valuation and when I spoke to them it made sense what they were saying, so we decided to go with them. They were professional, they were helpful and I felt like we were being guided through a process which we’d never been in before.

It was a really smooth process, we said we wanted to go with them, we signed the contracts which were fast, they came in via email, it was all electronic, so we had no need to go into the shop at all. 

The board went up and then within five to six weeks, we’d had quite a few viewings, we got an offer and we accepted because it was way above what we thought we would have got, so we were very happy.

The team were really, really friendly, very informative, they put my mind at rest and I would definitely recommend them to anybody thinking of selling their property.

Ring them, discuss what your options are, they will give you a frank explanation of what they might be thinking and just go with what they say, you have got to trust them and hopefully you’ll be as happy as we are now.

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - https://pendle-hill-properties.lead.pro/

Lucy Watson


We couldn't recommend Pendle Hill Properties enough, they sold our house in a day of it being on the market, however, when our circumstances changed, they pulled out all stops and re-sold our property within a week. 

Pendle Hill were always there on the other end of the phone to keep you updated every step of the way. 

We can't thank all staff at Pendle Hill enough. 

Louise and Lee Preston

Louise Preston


We have been in the property rental and renovation game for about 30 years. 

About 5-7 years ago, I read an article about Pendle Hill Properties. Fortuitously the property next door to ours on the next street had a Pendle Hill Properties sign and it was under offer and it hadn’t been up for long. That’s one of the main reasons why we enquired and started looking into it, looking at the reviews etc. 

Pendle Hill Properties is also prominent in Padiham and a local agent, not a national chain, which is another reason why we chose them.

The service that we got right from the initial contact, through to the end when we signed the contract over and sold the house, the communication was very good.

That’s something I set a high standard on, even if at the end of the week you get an email or a phone call saying nothing has happened but we haven’t forgotten about you, that means a lot.

One of the things I really liked about the process was when they’d done all the photographs and all the paperwork, they did a coming soon promotion on the house which gave a couple of days for people to start thinking ‘that’s nice and I’ll start booking.’

A couple of days before it went live they did the teaser on social media and then when it went live, we had over 12 appointments for the Saturday.

From that we got six offers, all above the asking price. From that, on the Monday we had to go to full and final offers which closed on the Tuesday lunchtime. We got three full and final offers which were above the asking price.

We accepted an offer but in over 30 years that we’ve been doing property renovation and selling property, this has been the fastest we have ever sold a house.

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Steve Kennedy


We chose to sell our house with Pendle Hill Properties after our neighbours told us how great the service had been when they sold a property through them. 

We enjoyed exactly the same experience, working with a wonderful team. Firstly, the photographs taken for the advertising were fantastic! We have the beautiful Whalley Nab behind us and they took photos of the view, even travelling to the top road to get a view of the back of the house. 

Then throughout the whole process, from viewings to completion, we were kept updated through both email and messages.  

We were informed all the way and if you need any direction on what to do, they will guide you I.e. suggesting a good local solicitors to use. We felt totally in control of what was going on at all times and they helped us make excellent informed decisions.  

We had a brilliant experience and would totally recommend Pendle Hill Properties to anyone wanting to sell their house. 

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire’s leading Estate and Letting agency – call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit – www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk 

Carl and Cathy Taylor


We purchased a barn in Roughlee, Lancswhich had planning permission to convert into three cottages, all with three floors, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage. 

Pendle Hill Properties were recommended to us by an ex colleague who has lived in Roughlee and Barley for many years. 

Sadly, due to Covid-19, the project took longer than anticipated as skilled tradespeople and materials were at times a 'challenge' to get hold of, which meant it took longer than usual to complete. However, that said, there were many businesses in much more financial stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

One of the big benefits of working with Pendle Hill Properties for us, is there extensive knowledge of the local area and market, as well as their local contacts such as architects and town planners 

To date, we have completed on one sale, another we hope to complete on before the end of 2021 and have interests and several viewings on the 3rd cottage, which we trust will sell soon. 

Pendle Hill Properties have been so supportive and helpful throughout the whole process, giving excellent advice and feedback on an ongoing basis. We would always recommend them and in fact do already! 

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Graham and Catherine Effemey


"We first heard about Pendle Hill Properties when they sold two houses across the road from where we were living previously.

We had heard good reports about them, so we put our house up for sale with them. They sold our house remarkably quickly, kept us informed all the way along, they are really, really nice people to talk to and Andrew is wonderful and even came to see us at our house.

We didn’t 100% agree with the valuation given to us originally, but what Andrew did was he told us that he was going to price it to sell it and he was correct, so we were very, very pleased.

As well as being really good, they were local. Living in Padiham for the last 25 years, they were just down the road in Read and I always try to use local firms if I can.

We spoke to three estate agents, but it was a very easy choice to pick Pendle Hill Properties.

I would definitely recommend them, hopefully we’ll never need to use them again ourselves because we are hoping to stay here forever, but I have been asked by some friends about selling a house and I would certainly recommend Pendle Hill Properties, excellent service."

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Testimonial - Derek Pepper


We have both bought and sold property with Pendle Hill Properties. As we had already enjoyed a really good experience purchasing a property in Read with them, we decided to use them again to sell.

Our time with Pendle Hill Properties has always been very positive, with Andrew and the team extremely supportive, as well as being very responsive to each and every query promptly.

They are a family run local estate agent, who provide honest valuations based on a really good understanding of the market. They respond promptly to calls, whether it’s day or night and they always keep you informed of the progress. 

They work so hard to reduce some of the stress of moving house, that we would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk


Christine Mitchell


If you’re looking for an estate agency to sell your house, then we would most definitely recommend Pendle Hill Properties, you won’t be disappointed!

As we were in the process of purchasing a new build house with housebuilding company Taylor Wimpey, they pointed us in the direction of Pendle Hill Properties.

Our experience was excellent, everyone at Pendle Hill Properties was very professional and courteous, whilst they organised viewings to fit in with our needs.

They managed questions from the buyer and assisted promptly whenever we asked anything of them. We were astounded by how quickly we sold and completed the sale in around six weeks!

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Linda Pickup


Pendle Properties recently sold my home in Great Harwood. They were recommended to me by their preferred contractor who was quoting me on some work, whilst a friend was also selling through them and gave a great recommendation.

From the first phone call to completion they have been superb. Pendle Hill Properties have great experience and professionalism that facilitated a quick & easy sale for a value I was very happy with.

Tom turned up with a folder full of local market research for the valuation, produced a brilliant sales pack with excellent photos, he was very honest and negotiated firmly to ensure the house sold very close to the asking price.

It was exceptional, they handled everything really smoothly, I didn't need to make any major changes to any of the advertising and they kept me fully up-to-date without being chased. I used their preferred conveyancer who was also exceptional.

I would highly recommend selling with Pendle Hill properties and if/when I sell again, I will be calling them first. They have a smaller portfolio which allows them to give you a more personable & higher quality service.

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Daniel Duperouzel


I first heard about Pendle Hill Properties after seeing one of their boards posted at the front of a residence which I was passing.

Just as it happens, I was looking to sell my property at the time, so I decided to use Pendle Hill Properties to see what their services were like.

I had a really good experience with the team from the very beginning and right through until the end, when they successfully sold my property.

We would absolutely recommend Pendle Hill Properties and the services they provide to anyone looking to sell their house. It was a very good, professional sale and we wouldn’t go anywhere else if we were looking to sell another property.

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Makmod Ali


We actually sold our property through Pendle Hill Properties but originally the property we wanted to buy was for sale with them.

After viewing our property and having a chat with the team, we felt Pendle Hill Properties would be an excellent agent for us because they seemed very honest and straight forward.

All the staff were extremely personable, professional, always on hand for any queries we had and the property was sold very quickly and at the right price.

I would definitely recommend Pendle Hill Properties for a professional service, who provide straightforward and honest advice, as well as a quick and easy sale. 

Any queries or problems that you have will be answered and dealt with quickly and thoughtfully. 

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Julie Hodgson


I first started using Pendle Hill Properties several years ago and have done so as a buyer, vendor, as well as using their lettings agent/tenancy full management service. 

Based on those good previous experiences, I had no hesitation at all in using them again this year to sell our house.

It was really good to see the continuity with the team at Pendle Hill Properties and as expected, they handled the sale very professionally. 

They kept us in touch with the viewings timetable, which included ‘good quality’ prospective buyers, who all showed genuine interest in purchasing our house.

White it is a sellers market this year, it was good to get a prompt sale at the right price.

We also really appreciated the follow-up which the team provided, helping to keep the buyers on track and ourselves informed.

We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Pendle Hill Properties to anyone who is thinking of selling their property based on our great experience.

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Nick Blockeel


I first heard about Pendle Hill Properties through a friend of mine and decided to use them to sell my property because they were so friendly and spoke to me like a friend rather than a client which was really important for me.

They were also so quick with everything and extremely professional.  

Andy came to look at my house within just three hours of me contacting him to enquire about putting it up for sale, and by the end of the week we had also had pictures taken and measurements done. 

Within 45 minutes of my house going up for sale it was sold. The team also continued to send updates on the process until the house went to completion, so my experience has been nothing but positive. 

I would definitely recommend Pendle Hill Properties and in fact I already have done to anyone who is thinking of using them. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk


Rachel Blake


We had a great experience with Pendle Hill Properties when buying our first home. They were friendly, quick to respond and went above and beyond to help us. Couldn't recommend the team more! Thank you!

Heather Prestage


I first found out about and started to get to know Pendle Hill Properties when I saw their ‘for sale boards’ outside lots of different houses.

Selling a house can be very stressful but I had a really good experience with Pendle Hill Properties, everything went through really easily and my property sold very quickly. 

One of the main benefits for me was that I didn’t have to do much at all and Pendle Hill Properties did everything for me.

They accommodated the solicitors and sorted everything out which meant I could get on with my everyday life and work, knowing that every detail of the sale was being covered.

I would definitely recommend Pendle Hill Properties to anyone thinking of selling their property. For anyone thinking of doing so, I would tell them that their property sale will go through really easily, as well as quickly and the description that gets put up about your property is really good.

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk


Bruce Wilson


Did you know we offer a property management service?

If you have a portfolio of properties you no longer have time to manage, or a new property you’re not able to commit the time to, we can take all of your worries away.

To let Pendle Hill Properties handle everything for you, stress free - give us a call on 01282 772048.

Testimonial - Paul McKenna


"From the property going on the market to completing, it took 12 weeks" - Paul Emmett, Emmcliffe Homes

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Paul Emmett


"We wanted to move, the house went up for sale and it sold within a week" - Chris Holt

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Chris Holt


"We decided to put the house up for sale, contacted Pendle Hill Properties, Tom came round, explained how the process worked, then arranged for some photographs to be taken of the property and within 2 days, he sold our house - it was fantastic!" - Lee Bracey

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 
01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Lee Bracey


I had previously bought my property from Pendle Hill Properties in Read in September last year but the property I was selling this time was for work - we had renovated it and were selling it on. 

We had previously put it up with another estate agent but we found that they let us down a couple of times and although we tried another option and to do it ourselves, that wasn’t any better, so we decided to give Pendle Hill Properties a go.

It was all really positive, Andrew managed to get it over the line and she seems happy in there.

I would definitely recommend Pendle Hill Properties. I like the social media aspect where you’re reaching a wider audience and they have also proved to be better value for me in the long run. 

Andrew took a chance really because the property was outside their normal catchment area, but he was prepared to give it a go and it works. Andrew is definitely pro-active and will do everything he can to sell your property at the right price.

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Nick Thompson


"So as soon as it went live, I think it went live on a Thursday, he had viewings lined up and by Saturday, we had an offer which was almost the full asking price - so we accepted." - Joanne Ginty

If you want to sell your house with East Lancashire's leading Estate and Letting agency - Call 01282 772048 for a FREE valuation or visit - www.pendlehillproperties.co.uk

Joanne Ginty


Mark Mashiter


Chris & Emma Holt


Mick Toms


Andrew, Toby and Leanne were efficient and professional from start to finish on the sale of our property. From the no-nonsense valuation, to regularly keeping in touch throughout the sales process, Andrew and the team were extremely easy to work with. Andrew said he would aim to get us an offer within 6 weeks and he was true to his word! At the 11th hour, there were a number of issues and uncertainty as to whether the chain would collapse, however, Andrew spoke to the other parties to ensure that exchange and completion occurred before Xmas! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew and the team at Pendle Hill Properties if you are looking for an estate agent that knows their stuff and works hard to make your sale happen.

Steve and Debs Ormandy


Andrew and the team at Pendle Properties have been efficient and responsive from start to finish. Clear expectations and planning from the beginning and always available to answer any questions we had along the way. Not sure many estate agents are as active at each stage of the selling process – Thank you!

Alison & Liam


Having had an utter nightmare with estate agents on a previous sale of a property 16 years ago I was extremely wary about selling my current property. Having looked at the main estate agents in the Ribble Valley I had good reason to still be cautious with several agents clearly not interested in looking after my best interests at all and trying to deliberately undervalue my property for a quick sale. I then came across Pendle Hill Properties. Professional from the outset with a simple no nonsense approach, I took advantage of one of the fantastic fixed fees which meant I knew up front exactly what I was committed to. Marketing was first class with excellent photographs that concentrated on showcasing my property at its best rather than arty pictures concentrating on a tap or some other non-essential aspect that looked ridiculous.

Marketing was in fact so excellent that within half an hour of my property going up for sale, I was slightly caught off guard and got a call to say I had a viewing. Whilst we had several viewings we sold to the first couple who viewed and clearly wanted our property. Because of the interest, Andrew was able to negotiate a great price that reflected the true value of my property and I couldn’t have been more happy. Not only did Pendle Hill Properties save me thousands in estate agents fees they also literally made me thousands in securing the best price and one that exceeded what all the other estate agents had said I would be able to sell it for. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew and Callum and restored my faith that some estate agents really do care about their customers”.

Angela, Calderstones Park


Andrew and Callum were extremely helpful from the initial conversation and valuation (Andrew arrived with a lot of research which greatly assisted with understanding the process and value used to then market the house) all the way through marketing and negotiation right up to exchange and sale. They were always available on the other end of a phone, including on weekends and outside of normal hours and were happy to arrange for additional services to be provided and provide recommendations. Very well priced for the high quality of service provided. Definitely will recommend going forward.

Mike Ford


From the outset Pendle Hill Properties marketed the sale of our property in a very professional way. The Photographs and Brochure were to a very high standard and I am sure contributed greatly to the level of interest shown in the property. This was backed up with a very responsive and proactive support by Andrew and his team.

We highly recommend Pendle Hill Properties.

Mr & Mrs G Greenwood


Amazing estate agent! We had an offer on our house within four days of going on the market. Would highly recommend the friendly efficient service.

Becky Eames


The friendly staff kept me up-to-date and well informed throughout the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Chris Stansfield


PHP provided a really good service.

Mr Downie


I was very impressed by Pendle Hill Properties, they did everything I wanted. I highly recommend them.

Mrs Whittaker


We would just like to say a massive thank you to Andrew and Callum at Pendlehill Properties for the superb service, dedication, patience ,and guidance, in selling our property. The exceptional service and amazing professional photographs are second to none and we cannot recommend them enough.

Mr & Mrs Pattison


Thank you so much for your help and support in the sale of my house, your wise advise and real service ethic was instrumental in finding my buyers. As for the time difference between offer and exchange, without your tenacity the chain would have collapsed. I am really, really grateful.



Dear Andrew, We would like to thank you and your staff for all the help and guidance we received during the sale of our house. Having not moved for 35 years we were unsure of the processes involved and you certainly helped us to move swiftly and smoothly. We felt the level of service we received was more than one would normally expect from estate agents. Good luck with your business in Great Harwood.

Margaret and Kelvin


I would like to thank both yourself and Callum for all the work you did to sell my house. The service you provide is exceptional and you sold my house within 5 months which in the present climate is excellent. You were always friendly and professional and offered sound advice. As an Estate Agent you were the exception to the rule and I would not hesitate to recommend you, and indeed I already have. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Gregory


From the very start Pendle Hill Properties were excellent! The photos of my property were taken by a professional photographer which made a huge difference in getting potential buyers through the door! It was also great to have the floor plans on the brochure as many other estate agents cut corners and don’t offer this service. The PHP’s team were extremely reliable and met all of our individual requests. We would like to personally thank Andrew for his excellent communication and professionalism throughout our sale and we would highly recommend him and his team to anyone thinking of buying or selling a property. Top marks PHP!

Mr Kelly


The team at Pendle Hill Properties are very proactive, in the way that they match potential buyers with the client properties they have. They are extremely good at communicating the status of how a viewing went, following up and getting the comments of the viewers and giving that valuable feedback to us. They have used the communication that has best suited me (not them!) which has been email and text. I am confident that Pendle Hill Properties will get us a result.

Mr & Mrs Atherton


I have been renting my property through Pendle Hill Properties for the last 2 years, and can highly recommend their services. They ensure that the property is well managed, with rents collected on time, repairs done as required, and new tenants found if needed. They really take the stress out of renting your house. The local touch is also a big bonus.

Jim Nicholson


Can I just extend my thanks to you both for your help and professionalism in selling our property. I would not hesitate in recommending your services to any potential clients and wish you both all the very best for the future.

Many Thanks Andy.

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